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Enid Hinder Hawkins, the artist's daughter owns the copyright of Hinder's works and has supported the creation of this website.

Catalogue compilation, research, image sourcing & editing by Renee Free.

The major source for the information has been Frank Hinder's own slides and photographs of his own works. These usually have titles dates media inscribed. Mass black and white polaroid images were made in 1966 by Renee Free purely for identification purposes. Photography of works in the 1980 Retrospective at the AGNSW was done by John Henshaw. Recent digital photography by Adam Free.

Extra material provided courtesy the artist's dealer, Bloomfield Galleries, which is also the source for information on the lithographic oeuvre. king street on william kindly provided the documentation for Collections, Exhibitions, and Bibliography.

We would like to acknowledge the co-operation of the state and national galleries. We thank the private owners who sent images and catalogue information.

Coding, database design & preparation, image sourcing and editing by Adam Free
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